to be a mile high

Denver, CO. Summer, 2010.

I love Denver. I mean, I really love Denver. I never thought I would say that about a place with almost zero water around it.

Denver has the most amazing combination: feeling like you are enjoying the outdoors while being in a large city…and the food is not too bad either. I adored every minute of living there…I really could gush all day…but I wont…

I was there for about 24 hours a few weeks ago. I can not wait to get back again.

This will not be my last Denver post. I promise. This was just a blip. There are so many places I missed out on this trip. An excuse to get back soon? I think sooooo…..



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3 Responses to to be a mile high

  1. Stunning photography, which helped me to do a little imaginary travelling…..I live just outside London and the nearest I’ve been to Denver is New York….

    Thanks, these are great.

    • Faith See says:

      Thank you so much! Such kind words!
      Yes, Denver is a treasure. One I wasnt expecting the first time I visited. I was only in a small area when I took these and really did not do the city justice in this one post. I hope you make it there one day!

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