to relay at the rodeo

Sheridan, WY. Rodeo. July 14-17, 2010.

The most popular holiday in Sheridan, Wyoming? Why that would be the Sheridan WYO Rodeo. Obviously. People from all over coming together, saying “Happy Rodeo”, drinking chilled beers, cheering on their favorite cowboys and sporting their finest western wears. A community embracing what it means to be a part of “The West”…and a huge poser (me) loving every second of it.

And the BEST part (right in front of Bull riding, live music, street dancing, parades, “butt-darts”, people, food, drinks…ok so I do love it all…): Bareback Relay Racing. It is an event that kicks off the actual Rodeo every night. It is my favorite event and apparently (as I have never been to any other Rodeos) it is pretty unique to the Sheridan WYO Rodeo.

It is incredible, highly competitive, raw and completely dangerous. They have zero protective gear on and every time I have been, without fail, someone is taken away in the onsite ambulance that is brought into the arena for this specific event. They ride without saddles, leap (I mean LEAP) from one moving horse to the next, and race as fast as their animal will let them.

….hopefully¬†clicking through this gallery will shed a little more light on it than my words did….

I have traveled to Sheridan three times now for this faux holiday, and it’s because it is a completely different kind of “fun” than I have ever experienced growing up in San Clemente, living in Los Angeles for six years, and spending a decent amount of time in Seattle, Denver and Utah, and I embrace it completely and totally for what it is.

…did I mention my crush on White Buffalo?…I am already looking forward to next year.


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