to some cowboys

Big Horn/Sheridan, WY. May 2010.

……I took a lot of pictures this summer while in Sheridan….

Branding at the Polo (The Polo Ranch: my family’s and where I “vacation” often). Not as harsh as I thought it was going to be… I mean…I love my red meat (obvi) but dont really want to think about where it came from…but the cows here…although not really into the whole branding part, seemed fine immediately after. No sad mooing, or rolling around in pain. They just sort of get up after the few seconds under the iron and trot away.

Eatons Ranch is a very popular ranch in the Sheridan area. Every spring (early summer) the cowboys that work the ranch have a stampede where the horses go from their winter home (east of sheridan) to their summer spot (west of sheridan). I think it is somewhere in the 30-60 mile range (???) but the most important part is they have to go through a main street in Sheridan (5th street) to get from a to b. So a few cowboys and over 200 horses come through. I enjoyed.



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2 Responses to to some cowboys

  1. NAte says:

    This is the best blog so far.

  2. Colette says:

    These are great. I love your photographs.

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