to El Sauzal

San Antonio de Las Minas, BC, Mexico. 19-Sept-2010.

I went with some of the SCHAP team to Baja yesterday. It was sort of an impromptu field trip to research some different areas there. Side bonus: some really good mexican food.

We ended up dropping in on a small orphanage east of Ensenada called El Sauzal ( The Director’s daughter, Erica, who helps run the orphanage, was kind enough to give us a tour (her grandfather started the orphanage over 40 years ago. She was amazing. Super pregnant and willing to show us everything and answer all our questions). We ended up in the nursery at the end…where I got a little distracted. I totally monopolized the children’s attention by taking pictures and then showing them. The giggles and intrigue were amazing. Head over heels and I didnt want to go.

This little girl thought it was hilarious that she put on her glasses for the pictures. I picked up my camera to take another picture of her and she made me stop and wait so she could put them on again. She was right. It was hilarious. She laughed and laughed when I showed her. Totally intoxicating.

This little boy was kind of confused when I held up my camera. He just looked at me like “huh?” but when I showed him his picture he would get a serious case of the giggles. And when I picked up the camera again to take another that “huh?” face came right back on. One of the little girls tried to help him…so we have a half-smile in one…I wish I had had a second camera to get their faces when I was showing them their pictures. Those were the moments.

So fun.

These two were on a sort of timeout in the elementary girls apartment area. They were so funny. I took a picture and showed them and then said in my AWFUL spanish “muy bonita”. They just looked at one another, giggled and said in unison “Thank You”.

They thought this was hilarious too…

I could have stayed and played with them all day.


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