to magic


sheidan, wy

Ok…so I did not actually take these. I wasnt there for the event. But there is a story. There always is. Ill make it short. Maybe.

I lived in Sheridan, WY (or more specifically Big Horn, WY) for about a year. I moved there right in time for my first “real” winter in 2006. It snowed pretty much from the day I arrived, but on one morning in early December (after I had been there for a few months and was starting to get used to the whole snow/ice/wind thing) I woke up to the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was totally clear and still out (and freezing) and I couldnt believe what happened. It was magic. Everything was white and crystal. The frost, if that was even what it was, was tracing every surface, highlighting every branch, exaggerating every tree and literally mapping out each blade of tall grass that I didnt even know was still around that time of year. It wasnt just snow sitting around on the bare bushes, and it wasnt simply icicles hanging from the rain-gutters. That was old hat. It was like the snow had molded itself to…everything…. I am seriously not a sentimental person, but I was moved. I couldnt get over it. I was then told by Snobby McLocal that “this happens all the time. No big thing.” I was floored. You mean people get to see this regularly during the winter? Do people on the outside know about this? Its unbelievable!

Well turns out Mr Locals Only was going for the ‘too cool for school’ look. Neither of us ever saw it again (My family still has a ranch in Big Horn so I spent a significant amount of time the past few winters there), never heard about it again…it just hasnt happened since…

SO long story made even longer, I get some text messages on Sunday to the tune of “all the time really meant once every four years. did I leave that part out?” with the following pictures attached. Ive never wanted to jump on a plane so badly.

So I feel, that since the magic happened the first time when my camera was broken , and when I was 1200 miles away the second time it is only fair that I steal from the Liar Pants that promised I would see it again in no time. These are with the iPhone so please, close your eyes and enhance by a bajillion megapixels.

Its hard for me even to post these now. I didnt take them and I didnt actually see it on this occasion. But it was something I will never forget. I remember where I was going, what I saw and even the music I was listening to that morning. It was one of those rare moments that you are AWARE that you will remember forever even though nothing is really happening and you are just walking around on a ranch in Wyoming with your jammers still on and your ipod playing. I want it back. now.


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One Response to to magic

  1. Leave it to the Snobby McLocals to rain on the parade! And he apparently had no clue what he was talking about!

    I wish I could see that. And you know what? I’m still totally and completely fascinated by snowflakes. The McLocals (in this case in Montana) think I’m a weirdo for staring at the snowflakes that land on my jacket sleeve. They’re just SO awesome! I’m glad some of us can keep the magic alive, Faith!

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