to le week-end

It all started on Thursday with a Holiday party for work…but decided against the camera. It was delicious and beautiful and in Manhattan Beach. I am sure you can picture it now.

So to Friday

10-Dec-2010. Marissa’s Christmas Cheer. Mar Vista [Los Angeles], CA.

…and bomb homemade salsa.

The Grinch + Santa

How the itty-bittys get to make announcements to noisy room

End of the night obvi-s: solo boot, olives and cilantro on a stool

11-Dec-2010. Reagan’s Surprise Birthday [Dinner Party]. San Clemente, CA.

I was too slow to get the actual surprise moment…but this summed it up…

bff boxer

Gorgeous Dinner. Thank you McLeish’s

12-Dec-2010. Boat Parade. Huntington Harbour, CA.

The season really begins for me the weekend of the Boat Parade. Its so Christmas for me….it smells like Christmas.

Marshmallow Launchers. Serious business.

…margaritas = us, marshmallows = cousins. its a delicate system.

Jackson on the right diving for cover

Boat Parade lineup


This past weekend was just so mellow and warm and hectic…and high in miles…and perfect.


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One Response to to le week-end

  1. Sunny says:

    I love these perhaps more than I have loved any others. It makes me believe it can feel Christmasy in California for me. It also proves what a fab life you have. Great friends, family, and food!

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