to eat: holiday lbs

Gorging During the Holidays

These are some reasons Im not too bummed I gained an lb or 20 this holiday season.

The Shore. San Clemente, CA. 28-Dec-2010

Tuna Tartare with crispy wontons and a delish ginger dipping sauce along with grilled cheese and tomato soup…obvi…oh +tuesday night $2 draft Modelos.

The only Not In Picture Ill mention: A Frame. Culver City. 29-Dec-2010. It was picnic style eating…so I felt weird asking a table of 8, 3 of whom I had just met, if they would hold off eating our communal food so I could take a few pictures in a dark restaurant…curious. It was delish though and anyone within 20 miles of Culver City should for sure go.

Gjelina. Venice, CA. 3-Jan-2011.

I love this place. Forgive us for not getting more creative with the menu…we were tunnel visioning the pizzas.

Start: Grilled Warren Pears with Grilled Treviso, Burrata, Speck & Balsamic

…and then: Margherita Pizza with prosciutto (side: mozzarella, dried oregano & peppers)

…and then: Crucial middles- champie & meatballs

….and then: mushroom, goat cheese, fontina & truffle oil pizza (my fav)

…and goodnight: Pumpkin Bread Pudding (they were out of the apple crisp. downer)

Chego. Los Angeles [Palms], CA. 4-Jan-2011

If you love flavors married to flavors while they’re having affairs with other flavors, check it. Bonus: $$$ = no mucho

Start: Kimchi

…and then: Chubby Pork Belly + Dduk Dduk Goose

…and goodnight: Ghetto Malasadas

Los Tacos. West Hollywood. 6-Jan-2011.

The obvious choice. (iPhone for los tacos pictures)

The #2 with beef and drowned in salsa (I held back how much I actually put on for the picture…I went back for more after)

Reasons #12 &48 to love

I regret none of it.


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