to my grandmother and her experimenting with Ms. Child


Huntington [Beach] Harbour, CA

My grandmother has always been an amazing cook. Always. She and my great grandmother have this way of knowing how much of anything to put in something. Like, they’ll taste something and say “oh, all that needs is a little stevia and it will be perfect” and Ill be all “….whats stevia?”, but they are always right; stevia (insert appropriate herb/spice) was the answer.

So my grandmother is back in her Julia Child phase (amazing phase to be in)…well at least she was last Saturday. She made a pork loin with apples and a potato dish. heaven. combine that with my mom being in town from Seattle (she was the sous chef as well), a walk around the island on a gorgeous day and a ridiculous, have no idea what the rules actually are, game of dominos outside while the sun set while waiting for dinner…..good night.

oven ready

“prepare first. feast second.”

The carmalized apples made the most amazing spread on the tender tender pork….i love food. i love my grandmother.


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2 Responses to to my grandmother and her experimenting with Ms. Child

  1. Ashley says:

    So good! Man it makes me hungry!!! I’m sure one of the reasons the two of us love food so much is because of Joans cooking!

  2. Nate Wilson says:

    I wish Joan would invite me over more often. Wowowow, I am hungry.

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