to celebrating Nonnie Dot


Pasadena, CA

It was my great grandmothers 97th birthday this past week. she is a true los angeleno and southern californian. she is a wonder. she helped raise me. she helped raise us all.

We all came together (…well most …no Jobes or emily…boo seattle and work) to celebrate her last sunday at my [great] aunt and uncles in Pasadena. The weather was a dream, the food was amazing, and the company was perfect.

Vera. Playing peek-a-boo with my grandfather. Im in love.

Um, yum

My grandmother, cousin and aunt, laughing about ways to celebrate my great aunts 50 year anniversary of being Rose Queen. It was funny.

Sunset on the way home off the 605. Im not ashamed to be proud that this is where my roots are…5 generations deep…Happy Birthday Nonnie. We love you.


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One Response to to celebrating Nonnie Dot

  1. beautiful chaos says:

    those photos are amazing! so beautiful!

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