to n’awlins

22-April-2011 ~ 24-April-2011

New Orleans, LA

My friend is working in New Orleans for the next couple of months…she casually invited me to come out and visit…I took advantage. I knew the weekend would be one to remember as soon as I got on the plane (there is a story that starts with me calling a 13 year old boy “smooth” and ending with me and the  boy who was actually a twenty something woman talking Toms with socks or without…without ps…always without…).

I think the thing that I loved most about New Orleans was the architecture and the colors. It was like nothing I have ever seen and could be pulled off nowhere else. Almost every neighborhood we went through was a color explosion. It was unreal.

Yum. yum. yum.

Our best friend for 10 min

My hostess. My soulmatie. She is lovely.

petit chat

creole candy….?

bomb bar

delish guacamole made tableside and a carrot margarita.

SNOWBALLS….hour wait?….”when in rome”

Cafe Du Monde Beignets…early morning not wanting to wait in line then 1 am…1am was worth it…

Easter Sunday Brunch…chick-fil-a you may have been replaced…


I may have been tripping out about the plants growing from the inside…I am sure it is because of the humidity, etc…I may have talked about it too much…(three different pictures)

beads everywhere….for reals

Feelings Cafe. Ducks and patios and unbelievable peanut butter pies…

off the quarter

Local Flavors

I have no idea what the man on the lefts trade was but he had so many bills he was holding them in his mouth

Easter Bunny Sighting…

I couldnt have asked for a better weekend in New Orleans. Amazing soulmate company, fantastic food, sights…some that I will never forget…no matter how much I would like to (bourbon street…wow)…thank you SOsososo much Kathryn…you have no idea how much I needed that…


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2 Responses to to n’awlins

  1. Nate says:

    If there is any way to start a Faith See photography studio and all your looking for is investors, I would gladly sign away everything cause you honestly take the best pictures ever!!
    I love those pics and it makes me want to travel again. Dude with the sweatband and two down from that are my favorite ones. I’m glad your trip was great.

    • Faith See says:

      Oh, a studio isnt necessary….a Canon 5D, some L lenses and an underwater housing will be MORE than enough…
      Two down from Sweatband Bestie is one of my favorites too. So much in common right now.
      Thank you!!! xoxoxo

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