to operation crab legs

12-May-2011 ~ 15-May-2011

Lakeside, MT

It was my dad’s 50th birthday last weekend. My sister and I planned with our fab stepmother to fly us in and surprise him…the only problem that I saw was that we were landing at 11:30 at night in Montana…how my stepmother was going to get out of the house at that time of night, drive the 30 min to the airport and get us without my dad suspecting was…well she didnt seem worried about it so I didnt…

My other sister and Wendy (stepmother) came into the airport while we were waiting for our bag and let us know that our dad was in the car. They told him they had some crab legs flown in from Seattle for his birthday and they arrived late…brill

So we go out and he is sitting in the car in his beagle jams (sorry dad) and couldnt have been more surprised….happy birthday dad. cheers to wendy and operation crab legs.

rules are rules

Sage on the water

kit kit

dad. moon. water.


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2 Responses to to operation crab legs

  1. Nate wilson says:

    Wow. Great pic of your dad at the end and also love those ones at night. Still take great pics I see!

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