to soul sessions

Santa Monica, CA


Soul Sessions

My friend Kristin’s dance group Soul Lab Dance Project hosted Soul Sessions this past Saturday at her friend’s home in Santa Monica. There was salsa dancing by Contra-Tiempo who gave a free salsa class at the end, spoken word by some seriously talented people (made me cry AND laugh…sometimes at the same time), live music and of course Soul Lab Dance Project’s debut performance…oh yeah and amazing brazilian barbeque. I was too busy watching to get a good picture of everyone, and feel bad that not everyone is featured here…I also didnt move from my table much for fear of getting in people’s way or falling in the pool….

Kristin’s family’s drum circle (grandmother on the tambourine) to start the night


DJ Harper (live music)

George Watsky (spoken word)

Mai-Thi (live music)

some barbeque

Darius Carter (stand-up)


Soul Lab Dance Project!!!!

(Kristin and her niece in the door)



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2 Responses to to soul sessions

  1. super dope! love it.

  2. Nate wilson says:

    That meat looks good. Love the pic with reflection off the pool.

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