too mas

from the south bay to san clemente

If I had a diary from last week it would go something like this….

Dear Diary,  Im sleepy….

Not in picture:  25-July-2011 & 26-July-2011

 Monday night Huntington Harbour dinner with my grandparents and fav Jobes (in town from Seattle), and then Tuesday night Thai with my fav Kathryn


Manhattan Beach. MB Post. Happy Birthday Libby.

highlights: bacon biscuits, skirt steak, meats and cheese, crispy gnocchi….

Chef David LeFevre in the kitchen

more please

dinner followed up by an ESPN kickoff party for the xgames at Bo Bridges studio in Hermosa

….two desserts in one night…normal


Concerts at Santa Monica Pier with Afarin and Kristin…thank you!


Going away bonfire for Sunny in El Segundo…Sunny, its ok, you can come back now please

(followed by a manhattan beach night of dancing, coveting beards, and navigating a lovely, very friendly sea of 6’2+ mens. thank you 6Man)


Saturday morning breakfast with my sister and her friends in San Clemente. Chocolate chip waffles and bacon wrapped eggs (link for eggs. thank you Mike.)

10th annual For Nothing Party at the Naylons in San Juan

find Baby Faith

cannonball contest


Laundry Morning. Beach Day. Hermosa Beach Summer Concerts Night. English Beat.

Dont let all my tiles fool you…I totally (thanks amanda) came back

I swear this wasnt all…Im not a wuss…but I am sure this is a pretty standard week for many. Im just saying only about 40 daylight min a day for me at home is…not typical….espcially since I have a very needy dog who requires lots of snuggle time….

Such a good week. So sleepy.


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2 Responses to too mas

  1. Elis says:

    Great Shots! PS, the guy in your last shot (game tiles)…100% looks like someone I know from LMU. Is that Scott Berman?

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