to that one hostess, her honey, friends, forever family…and a lot of hog

24-Aug-2011 ~ 28-Aug-2011

Sheridan, Wyoming

(…I apologize in advance for any cheese…its just nice to be reminded why I love where I lived….)

I spent last Wednesday to Sunday in Sheridan, Wyoming. I hadnt been since January, was coming for a wedding, and to be honest I wasnt sure how the trip would go. It was better than I could have hoped…and not just b.c 98% of the meals I ate included some sort of tasty pork dish…

The reason for the sentimental: Lexie and her Dan, who went above and beyond to make me feel welcome in their home (their house and town), friends (old and new) who had nothing but kind things to say, drinks to share (into the weeee hours of several nights) and foods to gorge on, and people who will always be family to laugh and cry with…and a bully for some snuggles…but thats for another post….

Lexie feeds me well

spaghetti and meatballs and margs and oh my


homemade pulled pork…

some Rapp household standards

Nikki lets me lunch at Lulu’s….BLT&E…Ill miss you

Lexie planned a surprise “pseudo” birthday for me (my birthday was about a month ago but since I didnt get to celebrate with my Wyoming friends…). She took me to the Ribby/Choppy first to distract …and to obviously demonstrate her mad beer mixing skills and let me drink my fav marg in the world

and then to SURPRISE at Olivas…so surprised….

and then there were these moments

a farewell brunch (not in picture: Liz, her darling Lydia and the best man Ive ever met from Billings, Montana, Elden Kraft) at Olivers for my favorite huevos rancheros…

thank you friends, family, and Sheridan for reminding me that this is still a place I can call a home

….and sentimental is over…promise


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2 Responses to to that one hostess, her honey, friends, forever family…and a lot of hog

  1. Sunny says:

    It surprises me none that you are so loved in so many places. Now cone visit me!

  2. Neighbor says:

    Fabulous post on the meaning of home, no matter where that may be.

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