to a delish summer and my old little red grill

Summer 2011

Hermosa Beach, CA

I became besties with my grill this summer. here a just a few meals of many.

 constants: grill, meats, veggies, friends (nod to hollie) and begging from lyla…i cave…every other bite…

the start. Its just with my iPhone but the grilled veggies with the strawberries and watermelon, fresh greens, the end of June gloominess and Kathryn being back in town made it feel like summer had officially begun. 7-july-2011.

a simple bbq before sunny moved far far away. 14-july-2011.

my grilling view

this makes me miss sunny

lamb kabobs with hollie. 5-aug-2011.


hollie knows what I like in my salad

big brunch. 7-aug-2011.

rosemary sweet potato hashbrowns

bacon wrapped eggs

grilled tomatoes with basil

another simple, lovely evening. chicken marinated all day in herbs, lemon juice, bbq sauce (no time to make it from scratch) and beer. 19-aug-2011.

large bbq at jen and matt’s. 2-sept-2011.

prep at our house

11 people and multiple dogs = 2 grills

dinner and soccer and cupcakes

bbq-ing pizza. 20-sept-2011. the dogs approve.

and to say goodbye to the summer on the last day of the season: grilled bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers stuffed with monterey jack and cilantro. hands down fav of the summer. thank you paula dean. 22-sept-2011.

(…we also made homemade chicken pot pies to welcome fall…but that is for another post)

thank you summer friends and summer food



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2 Responses to to a delish summer and my old little red grill

  1. Sunny says:

    Dear me! Now I am terribly missing you AND hungry. Such lovely photos. Can you sell them now? I would like to buy a few for my kitchen

  2. Colette says:

    Awesome pics and I am seriously jealous of your food. Can you please teach me how to cook like that?

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