to viewing vancouver in black+white

Vancouver, Canada


I was in Seattle for ten days for the Thanksgiving holiday. During that time I decided to do a Vancouver day trip and my friend was nice enough drive up with me and spend the day. It was freezing out and raining most of the time, so most sightseeing was through the car window. Since it was so grey out I decided to go black & white.

making our way to Canada

vancouver sights

 cutest little pedestrian signal ever

biking genius

 View from Stanley Park. The focus on one of my lenses isnt working which makes it difficult to focus on far distances…oh and I was shivering and over it

It is such a lovely city, and we met really nice people (ahem… bartenders). I would love to go back soon when it is nice out and we can walk around…yes I am a weather wuss


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One Response to to viewing vancouver in black+white

  1. Sunny says:

    I wanna go on the next trip!

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