to DIY the halls

December 2011

Hermosa Beach, CA

This year we had a holiday party, which gave us reason to DIY. I didnt take any pictures of the night…but have never DIYd decorations so much and thought I would share…

flocked windows and christmas tree

the fireplace got lots of attention


snow globes.  I got the idea out of Martha’s mag years ago, but I have seen them all over pinterest, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a link to do them. They were stupid easy.

my deer. I found a wreath and paper mache deer at Michaels on sale. I cut the deers head off and Josh staple guned it to the wall. I added the lights that I had saved from the year before from a tiny tree from Trader Joes that has a small little battery pack. I also added the little cheep crystal things that…I just had…I cant remember why. After Josh staple gunned the wreath to the wall I added some ribbon around the head so no one could see the staples…this all went up about an hour before people came over, and is kind of my favorite thing that came together…and may stay up after the holiday….

pom pom’s everywhere

Thank you roommates (Josh for putting up the lights and manning the staple gun, Sib for the amazing food prepared, and Beka for the booze) and our holiday party guests.

Happy Holidays!


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