to noel on Flathead Lake

December 23-29, 2011

Flathead Lake (etc), MT

Oh 2011 you were a bit of a beast. I actually just mentally cataloged and realized there was not a month that I was not in an airport (April and May three times each, whaaaaaaa?).

In 2011 I learned a lot, including (but not limited to) that I shouldnt be afraid of my oven or grill, that I am not too old to make amazing friends (take that 30s), but that I already had the best ones a lady could ask for as well, no duh (im completely spoiled in the friends department) and that gardening is pretty much as awesome as my grandmother always lead me to believe.

So here is the last post with pictures from 2011. I realized since I just completed part one (of 12) of my 2012 new years resolution this weekend I should probably look at these…

I spent Christmas in Montana with my family. It was the best trip to Lakeside so far, full of family, laughing, skiing, relaxing (ahem…napping), hot tub-ing…and of course christmas champagne-ing.

from the plane heading into Kalispell, MT.(my ShakeIt app (pictures only taken with iPhone) is one of the things I am leaving behind, so I thought I would include a few)

I am a sucker for a good bridge and a frosty morning.

Pocketstone Cafe Eggs Benedict with homemade english muffins. to die.

deer on Flathead are classy

Christmas Eve in the hot tub…this turned into a daily thing

followed with Christmas Eve dinner. The best prime rib anyone will ever eat, ever. My stepmom is lovely…for more reasons than just her prime rib…pure butter

Christmas morning in the birdhouse

a perfect foggy morning

We went to my step grandparents (ben and claudia) house in the afternoon and saw some wild bighorn sheep on the side of the road along the way

ben and claudia’s (and dixie’s)

a little sister ski day at Blacktail Mountain with amazing views

making our way back down the mountain

and sunrise from my room on my last morning…I woke up early…

thank you family for saying goodbye to 2011 with me in the best way possible


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2 Responses to to noel on Flathead Lake

  1. Neighbor says:


  2. Sunny says:

    Can I please please please come with the next time you visit?

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