to nyr v.January ~ joshua tree


Joshua Tree National Park, California

my 2012 new years resolution is probably not what I should be doing: eat out less, more yoga, quit Real Housewives of Everywhere, finish at least half of the books i already own…you know, the stuff i should do 2012 or no 2012

instead, my nyr is to go somewhere i have never been at least once a month. it will mostly be within driving distance of los angeles…it is shameful the places i have not been growing up and living in southern california…that’s right, i have been on the same golf course in cody, wyoming eight or nine times, but i have never been camping in yosemite, or seen the grand canyon. lame.

so instead of running more, eating organic, riding my bike to work, or learning spanish i am going to spend more money, run my poor car into the ground, gorge on favorite road trip foods (smart food popcorn, sour patch kids, in n out, blah blah) and camping treats (seattle dogs, ranch with ruffles, cured meats and soft cheeses, bacon…more cheeses…), be acceptably stinky and wear the dumpy stretchy pants more

so here is nyr version, January:  indian cove campground in joshua tree

libby came with lyla and i for a night in the desert. we went on several hikes, climbed lots of rocks and ate real good bad foods. I also learned that my dog, who’s breed has been cause for speculation, is for SURE part mountain goat; my pudding can climb some vertical surfaces. the weather was perfect and it was absolutely gorgeous. the ONLY bummer was that some clouds rolled in after dark, preventing me from taking starry sky pictures. oh well.

lunching: honey goat cheese, bread, prosciutto, spicy hummus, artichoke hearts

i feel like this is the new years resolution i may actually keep



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3 Responses to to nyr v.January ~ joshua tree

  1. Sunny says:

    I love it! You have never been to Iowa City! I vote that becomes a destination:) also I wanna come when you do one, let’s work that out.

  2. Colette says:

    Awesome New Year’s resolution!

  3. Sib says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to join on some/many of the adventures….Sonoma County (wine tasting) and Chico are definitely on the list!! 🙂 xoxo

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