to 8 v.i

January-February 2012

for the loosey gooseies- version i

wine tasting with Afarin at Malibu Family Wines. 8-jan-2012.

las vegas.  the only picture i took while there: david bowie + dog picture near the elevator at Planet Hollywood. 22-jan-2012.

My great grandmothers 98th birthday. 29-jan-2012.

love dinners at m1. 30-jan-2012 + 18-feb-2012. (thank you jesse for the second image)

year anniversary with sib. I was actually really sick so we ordered our fav pho and brought it home. 1-feb-2012.

new m1 family member, Nala. she was obsessed with her reflection. 11-feb-2012.

dutch + lyla. 12-feb-2012.

young the giant at the wiltern. stage and headed to the greenroom after the show. awesome concert, nicest guys ever. thank you afarin. 12-feb-2012.


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