to nyr v.March ~ barrel tasting

2-march-2012 ~ 4-march-2012

34th annual Barrel Tasting

Sonoma County (Healdsburg) 

I have never been wine tasting in Northern California…I have never actually even been through Sonoma or Napa, like, at all. so, nyr version March – check.

it was a gorgeous weekend. in the 70s, not a cloud in the sky, hilarious company, unreal views…and then there was the wine…I was terrible about taking pictures…I pretty much would go several hours without taking a picture, remember I had the thing, take 20, and then put it away to forget it again. as a result I missed out on a lot of potentially lovely pictures. darn tasting distractions. best example: Ashley, Sib’s sister, and her fiance Cameron were kind enough to let us stay at their AMAZING home with the most gorgeous views of hills and vineyards…so why would I ever take one picture while up there?…not a single image. lame.

2-March-2012. Channel Islands at sunset through my window on the plane.

3-March-2012. groups, people and the barrel bus rental in b+w.

start with parking lot mimosas

Beautiful Santos ladies at Trione

first group shot of the day…obvious b.c it isnt…blurry…

White Oak Vineyard. Business in the front, party in the back.



pre-group picture

camera bag check



some sights

White Oak

Hanna views

bus view



On Sunday morning several of us headed to Occidental, Sib’s home town. I cannot express how cute this town is. I actually tried to explain it to my friend and when I was done she said “Oh, so you mean Sib grew up in a fairy tale.” I couldnt have put it better. her town, her family’s property and home: pretty much my personal dream. so, again, why would I take many pictures?

Howard’s for brunch. Unreal eggs benedict (mine), homemade blueberry pancakes, biscuits and gravy, and many many etc.s

Sami! The puppy Sib and her brother and sister got for their parents for Christmas. Dying she is so cute and funny.

one of the many amazing tree’s on the Santos property

and another huge time lapse- the BART to SFO

seriously such a good weekend. this whole keeping my new years resolution thing is pretty much the best.


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One Response to to nyr v.March ~ barrel tasting

  1. Nate says:

    You need to watch Workaholics Season 1 episode 8. You still take good pics tho! Gravy eaters rejoice from more food pics!


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