to a winter of breakfasts

Winter 2012

Hermosa Beach (+), CA

Tonight is the last evening of winter. Goodbye unusually warm weather, you are welcome in the South Bay anytime.

So last Summer I decided to become comfortable with my grill. Then in the Fall I thought it would be nice to make friends with an oven for the first time. Then Winter hit. What to do for winter… I thought I might try a different recipe out of a few of the cookbooks I have and love, but that the convenience of Pinterest has kept me from.  I found the first egg dish in one of those and thought it would be fun to try for a brunch with my friend Hollie. While I made the eggs with tomatoes, Hollie made a savory French toast that was amazing…………I should backup just a bit: I hate breakfast……ok I don’t actually “hate” hate breakfast, but I am for sure the annoying friend you roll your eyes that asks the hostess at a restaurant if they are serving lunch while the sun is still rising in the east. I love a good eggs benedict and huevos rancheros, but Ill be totally honest, if I have the option to order a carne asada burrito with extra scorcho salsa, guacamole and sour cream (love my dipping sauces)  I am going that way for sure. So back to Hollie’s French toast- it was delish, savory and basically I fell in love. And then the little (real small) light went on: physical challenge- spend the winter using traditional breakfast foods to make meals I love.  So I ditched the cookbooks (sorry cookbooks…someday…)and went back to the Pinterest. And may I say: best foodie winter ever. The more I cooked, the more I wanted to try, which explains why this is such a beast of a post.

But before you go on, please do not worry too much about my heart. Like, the actual organ. I obviously took “health” into little to no consideration (which would explain my poor scale groaning every time I stepped on the past few months), and will not be eating like this moving forward….maybe…

Asiago & herb French toast and Eggs with Tomatoes (The Silver Spoon, pg.431). 2-jan-2012. The french toast I gushed about courtesy of Hollie at her home in Redondo Beach. Delish. And then there were my eggs. They were pretty good too.

Shakshuka & Grilled Avocados. 6-jan-2012. My friend Afarin (she is such a staple lately) let me know all about this when I was trying to describe what I wanted to accomplish this winter. Bless you Afarin.

Eggs Pontaillac + Tomato Sauce (I Know How to Cook, pg.151 & 57). 16-jan-2012. This was a breakfast Libby and I had when we went to Joshua Tree. I prepared the tomato sauce the night before we went and then we indulged on the morning before we headed home. SUCH good camp food. Easy and tasty. Just the way I like it.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Sweet Potato Waffles. 29-jan-2012- perp. 30-jan-2012- feast. This was amazing. I had my grandmother and company help (watched) me breakdown my first ever (and second) chicken the evening of the 29th and then I took the pieces from both chickens home and made the marinade and let the chicken sit overnight. I smelt amazing. On the 30th friends and roommates feasted on the fried chicken and homemade sweet potato waffles. Making again for sure.

Spaghetti Squash with Alfredo Sauce & Bacon. 13-feb-2012. Ok I know this is an enormous stretch. But I saw it and had to have it, so I substituted out the shrimp for bacon and voila: breakfast for dinner!…maybe?

Valentine’s Day Eggs in a Basket & Bacon stuffed avocado. 14-feb-2012. My cousin had lived with me for over a week on Valentine’s day and I wanted to do a little something something for her, so I got up nice and early and made these heart shaped eggs in a basket and bacon stuffed avocado. Such a good way to tell my belly I love it forever and ever.

Egg whites with Avocado Toast. 18-feb-2012. It was my cousin Ashley’s birthday and we wanted to make her some brunch…and start her off with some champie. My roommate and I love this dish from the Gum Tree in our neighborhood and tried to recreate it. Super easy and real good. The red pepper flakes on top were key.

Lexie’s “Lulu’s BLT & E”. 26-feb-2012. I went to Sheridan, WY for a few days, and while there one of the only requests I had of my dear Lexie was to go to Lulu’s for the BLT & E. Easy, done, no big thing…that was until it closed literally 4 days before I got there for good. Tears. But Lexie, as usual, took care of me, found out the recipe for the rub, guessed the measurements and made me a BLT&E that was totally Lulu’s worthy if not better. Again, best hostess ever.

 Pizza with a Sunny-Side-Up Egg and Herb Garden Pesto & Avocado and Grilled Corn Salad with Cilantro Vinaigrette. 29-feb-2012. This may have been tied for best ever for the winter…and also, again, probably a stretch. But there is an egg on there, and I make the winter rules. And add it to Hollie’s amazing, delish, cant get enough salad; heaven.

Avocado Eggs Benedict with Chipotle Hollandaise Sauce. Enough said. Except for maybe, “YUM”. 7-march-2012.

Breakfast Tortilla and easy oven baked potatoes 13-march-2012. I happened to have everything for this and made it last min for my cousin and I. I substituted the tortilla for flatbread…so I guess the title doesn’t really work does it…and the sausage for bacon…because bacon is always better…except when its not…this was SO simple, and SO tasty…and has the potential to be healthy-ish if I omitted the bacon…but why would I ever do that? Stupid.

Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls & Bacon Cupcakes & Jeni’s amazing grilled cheese (bacon, cheese, and apple slices). 14-march-2012. My friends Afarin, Jeni and David came over for a little bacon intense dinner. Afarin was in charge of the pulls (amazing), Jeni, the grilled cheese, which were SO good, and yet I did not get one good picture of them being prepared (sorry Jeni), I  was in charge of the bacon cupcakes and David the beer and, turns out, dish cleaning.

Baked Egg Boat. 15-march-2012. excessive yet?…there was just so much I wanted to try and was running out of time. This was one of those things. And if I had to choose only three to ever cook again, this would hands down be one of them. Super easy, and so good. The egg just soaked into the bread (which had garlic in it) and made it so soft. It was great the next morning at work as well.

Country Style Eggs Benedict (green chili and cheese biscuits and gravy). 18-march-2012. Ok here is where your heart should really start to tighten. But wow. I mean wow. So back story- I actaully really like biscuits and gravy, but not enough to order that over eggs benedict or huevos rancheros. Also, usually there is someone I am eating out with that orders it and lets me have a nibble or five, so I never bother getting it myself. I didn’t think I would make it this winter, but then I found THIS. “OMG” worthy. And stomach ache provoking (the good kind…yes, there is a good kind). I mean, its my benedict with my gravy and fried chicken (well I did boneless, skinless chicken rather than steak…totally health conscious). Lord.

Like I said, I am not cooking like this on such a regular basis moving forward. Spring is actually dedicated to what I anticipate being the most difficult challenge so far- healthy foods that don’t make me roll my eyes…after I finish my gravy, biscuits and fried chicken leftovers…obviously…


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5 Responses to to a winter of breakfasts

  1. carey says:

    All of this looks so amazingly delicious! I am also trying to get into some unobnoxious healthy(ish) spring eating, but I’d take any and all of these breakfasts right now. 🙂

    • Faith See says:

      Thank you so much Carey! Everything you post looks amazing (I also took the spaghetti squash one from you)! Thanks for the inspiration! And good luck with the healthy spring eating (trying not to yawn). I am sure you will have something brilliant that I can steal from!

  2. Kristal says:

    I actually got a stomach ache reading this (in a good way). That baked egg boat is getting made at my house for sure!!

  3. Nate says:

    Country kitchen, 8:30 am, can I have a dc and o-rings with my hamburger?

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