to another couple of hours in Chicago

Chicago, IL


I traveled to Chicago last weekend for work. I knew we were staying about 45 min outside of the city by train, so I took a vacation day the Thursday before our conference started to get in and enjoy, since I knew it would be nonstop after that.

Here is what about my visits to Chicago: This was my 4th visit and I have never spent a full 24 hours in the city. So I bits & pieces it every time. (here is a post from a 2010 visit where I was in a wedding in Milwaukee. This one lasted a good 12 hours and was the best so far. other highlights from other trips: architectural boat tour, rooftop bars and Chicago dogs). So for this trip I decided I wanted to go to the aquarium and visit my fav Topshop if nothing else b.c it was still being built when I was there last May. I made it into Chicago by 4:15. I was back on the Blue Line by 9:00pm…so here is another 4 hours and 45 min in Chicago (not counting the 3 hours the next night out with friends in Wrigleyville…that was fun and *almost* photo free…)

It was a gorgeous day, wonderful for walking…walking a lot, meeting up with friends and trying on too many clothes that I couldnt take home with me.

Shedd Aquarium Jellies

Shedd Aquarium Belugas

Shedd Aquarium Extras

I walked from the Aquarium (in picture) to Navy pier, met with a friend, where we walked around…a lot

City Stuff

Final stop. So here is the thing…for some reason its MUCH easier spending 30 pounds in London at Topshop than it is spending 68 dollars…weird…but it was fun. real fun.

sketchy walk and then slightly less sketchy ride back on the Blue Line

we had a moment

and hours and nights and no sleep later…back at lax on the 25th

Chicago I hope we meet again


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