to nyr v. april ~ carrizo plain

14&15 -april-2012

Carrizo Plain (with Montana de Oro on the side)

work, travel, visitors and finishing wedding photos (view here) have kept me busy. Not that all those things have kept me from my nyr or taking pictures…just from sharing…

I chose Carrizo Plains as my April nyr destination (there were meant to be more flowers…stupid dry spring. It was still lovely though) so my friend Kristal flew down from San Francisco to join Lyla and I. She was a great sport about a few things- no running water, limited facilities, lyla sitting on her lap half the drive b.c she didnt like the windy roads, our gps getting us lost…several times (adventure?) and me almost wrecking us while I drove/took pictures. yes, she is pretty much the best.

we hiked, took in every kind of weather possible (snow, wind, rain, temps in the 70s, blinding sunshine, fog, etc etc) chatted, took in the scenery, ate a lot, drank even more, played a lot of corn hole and a little jumbling tower (jenga and jumbling are not created equal…pay the extra few dollars for jenga…), and determined which of our fellow campers were clearly crazy, and which were just unassumingly insane. On our way home we took the long way and cut over to San Lois Obispo and lunched on the beach at Montana de Oro…it was gorgeous…

orange cakes & dinner

goat cheese, honey, bread, basil and lyla

Montana de Oro

thank you monks


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One Response to to nyr v. april ~ carrizo plain

  1. Kristal says:

    Love these so much! I’m so honored to be blogged. And REALLY pleased you didn’t use that picture where I look horrified about you driving/texting/taking pictures. Not my best face. Love you monkey!!

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