to nyr v. may ~ nashville


Nashville, TN

Nashville obsessed with my KT.

at lax friday night/saturday morning waiting for my redeye to minneapolis (iPhone).

first Nashville stop – Swetts for fried chicken and others.


boots – check

hatch show print. amaze.

a little thunder/lightning for a few – adore

beer-live music-check list review.

bridge fix.

getting festive (iPhone).

habanero mac + cheese at mad donna’s in east nashville.  perfect meal + seeing my first ever firefly + perfect company.

family wash. in love with sergio of john+sergio.

Sunday – marche artisan foods. seriously in love with east nashville. and nashville.

i have a bridge thing. so we drove outside of the city just to see this one. i could do an entire post on it alone…i wont…but I could…Birdsong Hollow and Highway 96 Double-Arched Bridge on the Natchez Trace.

Kathryn went to Duke. This is what Duke students eat. She was pretty excited. It was pretty delish. Fried chicken day two – check.

bluebird cafe.

the men’s room at the hermitage hotel that our darling doorman showed us. its famous for a ton of reasons, none of which I can remember right now.

Patterson House cocktails.

Monday – Third Man Records.

Robert’s Western World. Since it was 12:30 on a Monday afternoon we received special attention. one of our many highlights.

the last fried chicken place we wanted to try was Prince’s. So it was of course closed. so we decided to go back to Swett’s…it was a good choice for more reasons than just the food (iPhone).


“new and gently used books” at Bookman. heaven.

rainbows to see us off. super sad to go.

we honestly fell in love with this city and there is so much more not here, including line dancing (kind of killed it),  eats, music, sites and the zipper. compound plans for sure.


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