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Santa Barbara ~ Somewhere Between Santa Barbara and Los Alamos ~ Los Alamos ~ “Solvang”

October 6 & 7, 2012

“Nothing will top that trip in its perfection and randomness.” ~ Afarin D.

I thought I would try and tell the story of the trip. Admittedly,  I am not the most fantastic storyteller, but even if I was a “Carlson” (CO style shout out) I don’t think I would do these 48 hours justice. I will try to explain a bit, include a sound bite here and there, but I think everything can be summed up in one word – “huh?”

The thing that makes this trip is it was very last min. We were meant to drive up to Berkeley and go to the UCLA v Cal game…a game where our Bruins ended up getting completely slaughtered.  But a few things fell apart, and my friend Kathryn had passed along a post that featured Bell Street Farm (thank you KT!)… I mean is there really a bad mini-holiday where the starting point is centered around food? The answer is “nay”.

Oct 6

Start with a drive through Santa Barbara. Two breakfasts weren’t planned, but the first place was actually…well it was just gross (from food to decor to my beer in a warm glass …but Afarin’s breakfie took a lovely picture so I included it…I feel bad if they google their name…it rhymes with Fupelo Function…avoid)  so obviously we had to find another place…but lets be real – first and second meal is pretty much a thing anyway. Between first and second breakfast we came across a  sloppy monkey, a mayor, a proclamation and some of the…most interesting…interactive dancing I have seen…they were all together, and in front of a Marshalls…there are no words. Pretty much the perfect start to our trip. Oh, side note – Afarin cried when we saw Hilary Duff at first breakfast (which made eating at grody worth it)…and then there was second breakfast at Blue Owl which made everything in my tum ok again….so – turns out I really am going to try and explain the day…
los alamos weekend-003Blue Owl – I am pretty sure I am going to diy my own Frida/Lyla picture. amazing.

los alamos weekend

So back in the car, heading over the mountain to Los Alamos,  we came across a janky sign that was haphazardly placed on the side of the road that said in child’s handwriting – “Pow Wow – 1.3 miles”  (q: why 1.3? a: does not matter.) – clearly a stop we had to make.

ii 027

ii 132

ii 126

los alamos weekend-001

no one has ever hated Afarin as much as the man on the right

ii 136

Red Elk hates pants. He would love M1s open pantless policy.

ii 137

This was actually completely incredible. Respect pow wow. And obviously we were sure this was going to be the highlight, at least of the day…and then there was Emilio…but that is for later…and not in picture…

The Union Hotel was just fitting. We stayed in the “Say Say Say” room where Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney filmed their music video (here).

ii 186

Then it was on to wine tasting…I don’t have many pictures from wine tasting…at all…so how do I explain…ok, so, Emilio Estevez……..I can’t. I wont do it justice. In one sentence – Emilio Estevez and his lovely girlfriend who couldn’t have been more wonderful asked us to stay, but we were hungry so Emilio offered Afarin his leftovers…I’m getting in too deep. Let me try again – Afarin asked Emilio to “quack, quack, quack”. There. Done. Obviously per a dare thrown down by Libby via text. We promptly left…lord I hope he doesn’t google alert his own name…if so, may I just say Mr. Estevez : I am sorry. You were incredibly cool. High-fives to your girlfriend.

ii 141

Then a walk over to Flatbread. Amazing.

ii 163

We then concluded the night with some shuffleboard.

Oct 7

Literally floor to ceiling wallpaper. Because, why not?

ii 191

Los Alamos is pretty much a one road town with little going through. And we kind of loved it. I can’t place why….but I think she may be getting sick of me taking pictures of her in the middle of the street…I am just super intuitive…Union Hotel to the left.


First and Second Breakfast. With some shuffleboard between in a bar that wasn’t yet open for the day. Fitting.

los alamos weekend-002

Bell Street Farm was adorable, delicious and completely worth the trip. We also saw a shall not be named director there and his group of friends that I met in New Orleans almost a year and a half ago: Just. Random. Enough.

ii 207

los alamos weekend-004

It was then ciao to Los Alamos.

Neither of us had really spent time in Solvang, and visiting a random Danish town in the middle of California only seemed right…and then we saw the ostriches outside of the city…needless to say, after this random stop Solvang lost its luster and we just drove through.

ii 267

Ostrich photo bomb! So sneaky.

ii 253

she makes friends everywhere we go

ii 290

ii 314

What I learned – I am terrified of ostriches.

I mean. Honestly. Amazing mini-holiday.


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One Response to to nyr v. october ~ Los Alamos + Company

  1. Kathryn says:

    All of these photos are incredible, but the the pow wow photos are particularly gorgeous, Faith! Another amazing post and getaway. Thanks for the shout out – can’t wait to go back with you!

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