to nyr v.March ~ barrel tasting

2-march-2012 ~ 4-march-2012

34th annual Barrel Tasting

Sonoma County (Healdsburg) 

I have never been wine tasting in Northern California…I have never actually even been through Sonoma or Napa, like, at all. so, nyr version March – check.

it was a gorgeous weekend. in the 70s, not a cloud in the sky, hilarious company, unreal views…and then there was the wine…I was terrible about taking pictures…I pretty much would go several hours without taking a picture, remember I had the thing, take 20, and then put it away to forget it again. as a result I missed out on a lot of potentially lovely pictures. darn tasting distractions. best example: Ashley, Sib’s sister, and her fiance Cameron were kind enough to let us stay at their AMAZING home with the most gorgeous views of hills and vineyards…so why would I ever take one picture while up there?…not a single image. lame.

2-March-2012. Channel Islands at sunset through my window on the plane.

3-March-2012. groups, people and the barrel bus rental in b+w.

start with parking lot mimosas

Beautiful Santos ladies at Trione

first group shot of the day…obvious b.c it isnt…blurry…

White Oak Vineyard. Business in the front, party in the back.



pre-group picture

camera bag check



some sights

White Oak

Hanna views

bus view



On Sunday morning several of us headed to Occidental, Sib’s home town. I cannot express how cute this town is. I actually tried to explain it to my friend and when I was done she said “Oh, so you mean Sib grew up in a fairy tale.” I couldnt have put it better. her town, her family’s property and home: pretty much my personal dream. so, again, why would I take many pictures?

Howard’s for brunch. Unreal eggs benedict (mine), homemade blueberry pancakes, biscuits and gravy, and many many etc.s

Sami! The puppy Sib and her brother and sister got for their parents for Christmas. Dying she is so cute and funny.

one of the many amazing tree’s on the Santos property

and another huge time lapse- the BART to SFO

seriously such a good weekend. this whole keeping my new years resolution thing is pretty much the best.


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to 8 v.i

January-February 2012

for the loosey gooseies- version i

wine tasting with Afarin at Malibu Family Wines. 8-jan-2012.

las vegas.  the only picture i took while there: david bowie + dog picture near the elevator at Planet Hollywood. 22-jan-2012.

My great grandmothers 98th birthday. 29-jan-2012.

love dinners at m1. 30-jan-2012 + 18-feb-2012. (thank you jesse for the second image)

year anniversary with sib. I was actually really sick so we ordered our fav pho and brought it home. 1-feb-2012.

new m1 family member, Nala. she was obsessed with her reflection. 11-feb-2012.

dutch + lyla. 12-feb-2012.

young the giant at the wiltern. stage and headed to the greenroom after the show. awesome concert, nicest guys ever. thank you afarin. 12-feb-2012.


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to nyr v.January ~ joshua tree


Joshua Tree National Park, California

my 2012 new years resolution is probably not what I should be doing: eat out less, more yoga, quit Real Housewives of Everywhere, finish at least half of the books i already own…you know, the stuff i should do 2012 or no 2012

instead, my nyr is to go somewhere i have never been at least once a month. it will mostly be within driving distance of los angeles…it is shameful the places i have not been growing up and living in southern california…that’s right, i have been on the same golf course in cody, wyoming eight or nine times, but i have never been camping in yosemite, or seen the grand canyon. lame.

so instead of running more, eating organic, riding my bike to work, or learning spanish i am going to spend more money, run my poor car into the ground, gorge on favorite road trip foods (smart food popcorn, sour patch kids, in n out, blah blah) and camping treats (seattle dogs, ranch with ruffles, cured meats and soft cheeses, bacon…more cheeses…), be acceptably stinky and wear the dumpy stretchy pants more

so here is nyr version, January:  indian cove campground in joshua tree

libby came with lyla and i for a night in the desert. we went on several hikes, climbed lots of rocks and ate real good bad foods. I also learned that my dog, who’s breed has been cause for speculation, is for SURE part mountain goat; my pudding can climb some vertical surfaces. the weather was perfect and it was absolutely gorgeous. the ONLY bummer was that some clouds rolled in after dark, preventing me from taking starry sky pictures. oh well.

lunching: honey goat cheese, bread, prosciutto, spicy hummus, artichoke hearts

i feel like this is the new years resolution i may actually keep



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to noel on Flathead Lake

December 23-29, 2011

Flathead Lake (etc), MT

Oh 2011 you were a bit of a beast. I actually just mentally cataloged and realized there was not a month that I was not in an airport (April and May three times each, whaaaaaaa?).

In 2011 I learned a lot, including (but not limited to) that I shouldnt be afraid of my oven or grill, that I am not too old to make amazing friends (take that 30s), but that I already had the best ones a lady could ask for as well, no duh (im completely spoiled in the friends department) and that gardening is pretty much as awesome as my grandmother always lead me to believe.

So here is the last post with pictures from 2011. I realized since I just completed part one (of 12) of my 2012 new years resolution this weekend I should probably look at these…

I spent Christmas in Montana with my family. It was the best trip to Lakeside so far, full of family, laughing, skiing, relaxing (ahem…napping), hot tub-ing…and of course christmas champagne-ing.

from the plane heading into Kalispell, MT.(my ShakeIt app (pictures only taken with iPhone) is one of the things I am leaving behind, so I thought I would include a few)

I am a sucker for a good bridge and a frosty morning.

Pocketstone Cafe Eggs Benedict with homemade english muffins. to die.

deer on Flathead are classy

Christmas Eve in the hot tub…this turned into a daily thing

followed with Christmas Eve dinner. The best prime rib anyone will ever eat, ever. My stepmom is lovely…for more reasons than just her prime rib…pure butter

Christmas morning in the birdhouse

a perfect foggy morning

We went to my step grandparents (ben and claudia) house in the afternoon and saw some wild bighorn sheep on the side of the road along the way

ben and claudia’s (and dixie’s)

a little sister ski day at Blacktail Mountain with amazing views

making our way back down the mountain

and sunrise from my room on my last morning…I woke up early…

thank you family for saying goodbye to 2011 with me in the best way possible


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to DIY the halls

December 2011

Hermosa Beach, CA

This year we had a holiday party, which gave us reason to DIY. I didnt take any pictures of the night…but have never DIYd decorations so much and thought I would share…

flocked windows and christmas tree

the fireplace got lots of attention


snow globes.  I got the idea out of Martha’s mag years ago, but I have seen them all over pinterest, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a link to do them. They were stupid easy.

my deer. I found a wreath and paper mache deer at Michaels on sale. I cut the deers head off and Josh staple guned it to the wall. I added the lights that I had saved from the year before from a tiny tree from Trader Joes that has a small little battery pack. I also added the little cheep crystal things that…I just had…I cant remember why. After Josh staple gunned the wreath to the wall I added some ribbon around the head so no one could see the staples…this all went up about an hour before people came over, and is kind of my favorite thing that came together…and may stay up after the holiday….

pom pom’s everywhere

Thank you roommates (Josh for putting up the lights and manning the staple gun, Sib for the amazing food prepared, and Beka for the booze) and our holiday party guests.

Happy Holidays!


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to fall foods

Fall 2011

Hermosa Beach, CA

It was a tasty season.

20-sept-2011. Lifetime original movies and homemade Chicken Pot Pies with Sib, Hollie and Katie.

15-oct-2011. Veggie Laksa with Beka.

19-Oct-2011. Falling Leaf Fizz cocktails, Sib’s amazing pasta dish that she just threw together and pumpkin carving with Amy, Sib, Jen and dogs.

31-Oct-2011. Jalapeno Poppers wrapped in croissants with bacon and cream cheese for a Halloween potluck at work…Adam and David are the best partners to have.

2-nov-2011. Roasted Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Croutons with Nicole.

6-nov-2011. Grilled Pear, Brie and Honey Crostini…to start.

8-nov-2011. Brown Sugar and Balsamic Glazed Pork Loin and Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Walnuts with Afarin…this may have been my fav of the fall.

10-nov-2011. Beer Baked Mac+Cheese with Sunny.

24-nov-2011. Just a little baguette, havarti cheese, basil and thick cut bacon (obvi) breakfie that we put together on Thanksgiving with my mom and stepdad in Seattle.

25-nov-2011. Sweet Potato Gnocchi for the day after Thanksgiving…I have learned that gnocchi is very difficult to make…it was ok, but I do not think I made Gwyneth proud…

27-nov-2011. Turkey Cranberry Monte Cristos made with Thanksgiving leftovers in Seattle…as always, thank you Paula Deen.

16-dec-2011. Spaghetti Squash. Sib treats me real good and makes this look so easy…adding the bacon was totally my idea…

17-dec-2011. I was feeling a little under the weather. So we said farewell to fall with an amazing Beef Stew that again, Sib just whipped up. I am not even kidding, I have never seen her consult a recipe. She should be everyones hero.

Thank you friends who helped and kept me company and Pinterest, for just being you.

farewell fall. we loved you.


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to viewing vancouver in black+white

Vancouver, Canada


I was in Seattle for ten days for the Thanksgiving holiday. During that time I decided to do a Vancouver day trip and my friend was nice enough drive up with me and spend the day. It was freezing out and raining most of the time, so most sightseeing was through the car window. Since it was so grey out I decided to go black & white.

making our way to Canada

vancouver sights

 cutest little pedestrian signal ever

biking genius

 View from Stanley Park. The focus on one of my lenses isnt working which makes it difficult to focus on far distances…oh and I was shivering and over it

It is such a lovely city, and we met really nice people (ahem… bartenders). I would love to go back soon when it is nice out and we can walk around…yes I am a weather wuss


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